Turnkey A Business Managment and Training Consultancy.

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Turnkey Empower INDIA By Empowering The Student Community and teacher fraternity by reach the unreached.

Turnkey has been acknowledged and accepted by renounced management institutions as an exceptional and vibrant management training and consulting company, closely aligned with the requirements of today’s corporate world.

Turnkey generates students who are highly capable, effective and result oriented. Our students turn out to be extremely efficient leaders of the corporate world who constantly increase profits in todays highly competitive business arena.

Some skills that our students gain from the training at Turnkey are, Innovative/Creative and think out of box concept.Turnkey has a special training programme that is designed and developed to bring about the passion, focus, and step-up to a winning attitude which helps unleash the force within.


Vision The turnkey BS will be leading insititue of higher training and development in its chosen areas of concentration preparing futuer genation through quality traning and invovation , creative research and will emerage as a comperhensive and socially inclusive training and development.


Educate the student to become responsible enlightened and productive global citizen. Promto enterpreurship that improve the human condition. Serve bussiness education govt and community.


Our society is concerned with three primary goal student development programme ,Teachers training programme,Employablity skills to unemployed youth. Besides above are making awareness programme about positive parenting to the parents to take positive decision to education their wards.