Meezan Educational society

Meezan educational society

Almighty raised the heavens and setup the measured , So that you should not transgress the measure , Always measure with justice and do not short measure.

The purpose of the meezan educational society is to make men aware of this reality those serving to guide man on his entire journey through life into the after life.Main theme of the MES are enlightenment closeness humanity peace and universel brotherhood with respective spirituality .The learning of leasson through reflection optimistic thinking and contemplation on sign of creator scattered across the world.the present activities and services of the meezan educational society has been keeping in mind these very theme . It would be correct to say that human is a seeker by birth these questions lurk in everyones mind. who iam i ? and .what is the purpose of my life ? .what is the reality of life and death ? and what is the secret of man success and failure ? in the present scenario of knowledge age the purpose of life became a missing manual is there for never in the history of humanbeing there is so much distance and differences amoung the people in a society across the globe due which lack of compassion,empthy,sympathy,gratitude and optimistic attitude missing in humanbeing

The role of education

Eduction plays a predominent role in this world.Its a major aspect for development of any modren society and its individual education should man making life giving and character building and training of humam soul in persuite of truth and practice of virtue and geniune education is a flow of reflection and action.

Almighty has given an opportunity to Continuing the inheritance of philanthropic work

Inspiration from forefathers

Great grandfather

Late:Mohammed Vali Hyder

Philanthropist and entrepreneur


Late:Mohammed Fazle Ali

Philanthropist,teacher and business man


Late:Mohammed Shoukath Ali

Altruist and entrepreneur

Promoter and Humanity Servent

Mohammed Muqtar Ahmed

Life coach trainer

Meezan community care and educational empowerment activity

Some of the important primary goals of our society concern with as follows

Student development programme

Overview of SD: The Student Development training programme is committed to developing students into global citizens and socially responsible effective leaders by engaging them in vibrant, innovative and stimulating co-curricular programmes and offering relevant resources and advice.

some of the topics

1) Life skills
2) Class room culture
3) Communication skills and career guidance

Teacher training programme

Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers are highly valued and venerable in the society. Education plays an vital role in the all round development and prosperity of a Nation. Teachers play a key role in educating the society.


1) Critical and creative thinking
2) Problem solving and decesiion making
3) Role set and goal set analysis
4) Time managment and peoples managment
5) Stress managment
6) Swot analysis and turnaround managment
7) Effective leadership

Employablity skills training and job assistance

Employment which makes an individuals self-reliant and selfless.

We provide employablity skills to the job seekers in regular and shorterm vocational courses in pre primary teacher training and retail managment .


1) Communication skills
2) Teamwork
3) Analytical and problem-solving skills
4) Personal management skills
5) Interpersonal skills
6) Leadership skills

Positive parenting

Positive parenting programme to the parents to take positive decision to education their ward

Positive Parenting helps the children free from fear of violence, and guided with loving encouragement. Most importantly is the secure attachment between parent and child, which encourages healthy development. Secure attachment builds resilience, paves the way for how well your child will function as an adult in a relationship, and have a positive impact on brain development.

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